undergraduate admissions

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Today, the birth of a child itself bears a unrelenting question of the child’s education. The parents and the guardians begin their  journey  with child as soon as the child gets  up on his limbs.  They get a real taste of the educational system with nursery admission of the school where themselves  get tested both academically and financially, the later being the dominant.

After all the hardship, apart from that of the child, the time to appear for Boards in the class  X nears the ordeal is set to begin again. The students gears up not only for Board Exam but also for national level  competitive exams which brings wrinkles on the forehead of the students and the parents for the real litmus test  begins as till now  they were playing in the field of their own backyard i.e, their school.

After seeing off the school phase  a  very perplexing  question faces a student and their  parents  about the  child career . which stream  which college ? which place ? amidst all these question  the student faces the daunting task of  clearing the  entrance exams  which has become the order  of the day  foe getting  into  the  coveted universities /institutions. 

Since independence  our population  has increased many folds  but number  of universities / institutions  of good repute and worth have remained the same.

Therefore getting into these universities has become a herculean task.

With such a situation  which is further set to worsen  igniters for tomorrow keeping in view the  need of the students at this time has launched a most comprehensive program  for under graduation  admission into several reputed  universities/ institutions .

We  are running several programs In different streams like JEE (mains & advance ) , AIPMT for medical entrance  exams , NDA etc (refer to our course section for further information)  to provide a wide range of choice  for their career .

Several other courses  like CLAT (common law aptitude test)  , entrance test for  Mass com in DU ,JNU entrance test  BHIU entrance test and many more  on students ‘ need .