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Selection Guarantee Program is a classroom program for the students of classes XI, XII & XII+ (XII pass) preparing for Engineering (JEE) or Medical Entrance Exams (PMTs). The students enrolled in this program are guaranteed of their selection failing which their entire fees would be returned.
The classes under this program will begin from April and the syllabus will be finished in the month of October. This will be followed by Revision classes and Test Series.
Under SGP classroom teaching will cover the syllabus of the respective Boards (CBSE/ICSE) and prepare at the level of competitive examination. 

  • 1. Classes will be conducted 3-4 days a week.
  • 2. On a day the classes will be of 3-4 hours of duration covering at least two subjects.
  • 3. Individual doubt sessions will be held for the students if required.
  • 4. Periodic Tests will be held every 10-15 days.
  • 5. Test will be both of subjective as well as objective type.

1. The students of class X moving to class X, XI to XII and XII+ appearing students can apply for admission into this course.
2. For the admission in this course the students have to appear for Basic Eligibility & Skill Test (B.E.S.T.) followed by an interview. B.E.S.T will be a test of basics of the previous classes and requite skills. The interview will be aimed to access the students’ aptitude.

 Fees Structure:
Download the fees structure from the link below:

Brief overview of the courses
1. 2 years program for class XI students (2015-17)
2. 1 year program for class XII students (2015-16)
3. 1 year program for class XII+ students (2015-16

Selection Guarantee Program involves a regime which each student needs to follow to be a part of the SGP. The following conditions are necessary to get selected and hence necessary to remain in S.G.P.
Non fulfillment of the above conditions will lead to transfer of the student to C.C.P. Once the student is transferred to CCP the student can get back to S.G.P. if he/she reforms his/her performance in line with S.G.P


  1. 1. 95% attendance in each month is a must.
  2. 2. 5%relaxation will be provided in case of serious ailment.

Late /Delay for the class:

  1. 1. Late coming will be regarded as being absent from class.
  2. 2. Late means not coming within 10 minutes from the scheduled commencement of the class.
  3. 3. The parents have to notify the centre for the student being late.

The students should not make it a habit to come late.

Class Behaviour
1. No communication in the class will be made by the student with other fellow mates unless permitted by the teacher.
2. The students are expected to show decent behavior in the class. Indecent behavior will be evaluated by the tribunal and appropriate action will be taken.
3. The students are to submit their cellphones and other electronic gadgets before the class.
4. If a student leaves the class in between (before the completion of the class)  he/she will be marked absent.

1. The assigned homework has to be completed and shown to the concerned teacher/assigned person.
2. Students must not copy each other homework.
3. If found/known then the homework will be assumed to be not done and strict action will be taken.
4. If a student fails to solve a question , he/she has to write the question 3 times.
5. It is not necessary to solve the question correctly.
6. The student has to attempt the question i.e., arrive at a conclusion
7. The incorrectly attempted question by the student has to be re solved and to be shown in the next class.
8. Home work notebook has to be maintained and shown whenever asked.
9. Separate home work notebooks has to be made by the for each subject.
10. Students will be given 16 questions in all per day to solve/attempt including non coaching day  and holidays.
11. Status of homework will be marked in logbook.
12. The student has to solve all the question given in the home work after doubt removal class.

1. Any kind of withdrawal amount will be given after the completion of the academic/financial year.
2. Post Dated Cheques (PDC) will be given after the finalization of the refund amount.
3. The admission and registration fees will not be refunded.
4. At the time of the withdrawal the proportional amount will be deducted and the remaining tuitions fees will be refunded if decided by the tribunal.
5. In case of illness/ailment the decision will be made by the tribunal and if necessary medical advice will be sought to make a decision