postgraduate admissions

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At the completions of graduation  degree , exception of bright future and good job prospects is sought by all the students. However most of the students remain devoid of such a luxury. The reasons  can be many. Lack of knowledge/ awareness  at the time of graduation about different courses ,  universities/ institutes and opportunities or casual approach after completion of schooling , non performance  at senior secondary level or lack of clear thinking  . irrespective of the reasons for dissatisfaction and dismay , there is a strong desire among the students to overhaul their career  prospects in a big way  but the dilemma remains about  the road to be taken and not to be taken .

Igniters for tomorrow has long on the task for facilitating the graduating  / graduation students with one stop destination for all kinds of entrance test for post graduate courses of reputed  universities.

Post graduation degree course is  the last opportunity for the students  to achieve  some credentials for themselves and learn  something. With handful of  colleges / universities  offering  valuable degree  with employability  prospects . the rest of the institutions  only offer  degree  devoid of any real opportunity to learn  to provide employability .

At the outset  we started  entrance exam preparations for biological science background (life science/ biotechnoly) .  this will be immediately followed all other entrance exam of other courses.