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Most  of the  students studying  biology  at 10+2 aspire to become  doctors and thereby  creating  a large pool  of students competing  for these exams. What makes it even more difficult is the meager number of medical colleges seats.  To add to it is the high tuition and capitation fees  charged  by  private  colleges  make it almost impossible  for the students to  pursue these courses .  a few thousand seats in government colleges and lakhs of aspirants , the stage remains set for  a tough time  ahead  for the students.

In such a scenario  a medical  aspirant student need to get their act  together.  We at igniters provide them  just what  is necessary  for cracking  these exams  along  with their  school examination . Under our school integrated program the child  can derive the maximum benefit from the school syllabus itself and the extra impetus needed is provided in separate  classes.

This highly synchronized program produces no clash with school syllabus.

We at igniters for tomorrow devoid of any  tall claims  seek to address these problems  of the students . 


Here at Igniters we identify the needs of a regular student and passed out student and hence we have come up with two batch types:

  • 1. For Regular Students

  • 2. For Passed Out Students

The reason for two separate batch types is very much obvious that a regular students needs to cover the board syllabus along with competitive touch to it and for a passed out students its more a thing of brushing up the already learnt concepts and practicing questions based on them. Hence we offer two courses to meet all the needs of a student completely.