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IIT  -  JEE is more than a familiar name for the senior secondary students and their parents as well. IIT-JEE is a prestigious entrance  examination conducted  by the IITs for admission into the IITs across the country which are among the best college in the country attracting the best brains.

Over  the years , iits has been conducting the jee to sort the best of the brains to pesuing degree  from the reputed college. Since the idea is to select bright and innovative minds , pattern is designed purposely in a different manner compared to that of a school examinations.

New questions that require both direct & indirect application of the concepts, the students have learned , are asked. However, the students face great difficulty in preparing for these examinations as they have approached their study in the manner requires by these exams, where the focus ids more clear understanding rather than cramping the formulae and knowing the working rules.

On top of it the schools create havoc  by  racing the syllabus in a disorderly manner not at all following the required sequence . Amidst all this promising to air lift the students from these problematic areas, different coaching institutes promise guaranteed and sure results showcasing a large pool of students qualifying for competitive exams from their institutes.  However it is only their tall buildings that match their tall promises.  The students face another ordeal in these institutes as large number of students flock here. There is lack of individual attention on the students especially on the weaker students.  To further aggravate the situation a lot of extra- ordinary appearing questions are placed before the students and the easier and fundamental questions are left upon the students.  The  students  already gripped by the  problems of totally new syllabus  on lot of instances fail to understand things which may  seem  very  easy  to the teachers  or are learned  by other students.  The coaching institutes start taunting the students for their in capabilities.  It is then the coaching institutes themselves become a problem rather then becoming a support system.

The focus rather being on developing the skills of the students is  on showcasing their  own knowledge  and skills only intimidating  the students  further. In the process the students turn out the real loser as he devotes time, money and effort and gains nothing other than frustration and depression. We at igniters for tomorrow devoid of any  tall claims  seek to address these problems  of the students . 


Here at Igniters we identify the needs of a regular student and passed out student and hence we have come up with two batch types:

  • 1. For Regular Students

  • 2. For Passed Out Students

The reason for two separate batch types is very much obvious that a regular students needs to cover the board syllabus along with competitive touch to it and for a passed out students its more a thing of brushing up the already learnt concepts and practicing questions based on them. Hence we offer two courses to meet all the needs of a student completely.