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Complete Care Program is an extensive program for the students of XI & XII students taking care of all their needs. CCP takes care of all the needs of the students.

  1. 1. Apart from classroom teaching the students will be taught separately to remove their doubts and weaknesses.
  2. 2. The students will be assisted to complete their school home work and those portions which they could not comprehend at the school.
  3. 3. The CCP will prepare the students for Board Examinations as well as competitive exams JEE (Mains & Advanced) /PMTs
  4. 4. The CCP involves day to day monitoring of the students and reporting of the same to the parents/guardian via mail/phone on daily basis or a period agreed upon.
  5. 5. The students will be at the centre before and after the class to complete their work.
  6. 6. They will be provided separate space for doing their work and teachers will be available to remove their doubts at specific timing to help them in their studies.
  7. 7. The students enrolled in the CCP will give all the resources on par with SGP and will be trained on lines of SGP.
  8. 8. If the students in CCP perform on par with SGP the students will be transferred to S.G.P.
  9. 9.The program structure will be same as S.G.P.
10. However the students of CCP will be given Extra classes according to the need of the student and will spend more time at the centre for doing their work.